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Neutral Neutral Neutral SPLASH!

We’ve all heard it: “when your home is on the market, neutralize your wall colors, take down family photos…” but is it possible to have your home for sale without losing your home’s style, personality and COLOR?  Here are some great idea on how to incorporate color into your ‘move-in ready’ home that will free buyers imaginations.

.No-Fail Living Room Arranging Trick

Pillows are the most common way to get color into a room.  Bright, colorful pillows are plentiful and easy to replace when you’re ready for a new season of color.

No-Fail Living Room Arranging Trick

I love the greenery in this room.  It’s clean, fresh, and simple.  When matched with the blue pillows it is a refreshing combo!

No-Fail Bedroom Arranging Trick

One teal pillow, one matching vase, some silk flowers and a small stack of books and your eyes close in on these colorful accessories long before they focus on the expensive furnishings.  You don’t have to spend a lot of money to make your room POP.

No-Fail Dining Room Arranging Trick

Colorful lamps and lamp shades are IN STYLE.  They are beautiful and affordable at places like Target, Home Goods and Garden Ridge.  The color fruit is a great touch and ALWAYS a perfect addition to a kitchen.  Lemons or apples seem to work best in a glass bowl on your kitchen counter during a showing or photo-shoot.

No-Fail Dining Room Arranging Trick

I can only imagine what these chairs look like under the slipcovers, but what a great idea.  Rather than spending $150+ per chair for a new set, cover them and pick a fun color for accessorizing, like these orange pillar candle holders, green table runner and flower box.

No-Fail Dining Room Arranging Trick

Of course, Art is always a way to add color, but keep in mind if your home is on the market, your art subject matters.  Be aware of the type of buyers that will be in your home and make sure your art, regardless of your passion for a particular piece, is buyer-eyes friendly.  Buyers tend to lean toward landscapes and still-life rather than contemporary and abstract.

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