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Home Staging started as a crazy idea to earn a little extra cash on the side.   Friends often said I had a great eye for style and they would love help decorating their home. Surprisingly, my obnoxiously young and incredibly successful Real Estate investor/friend, who strongly believes in the value and effectiveness of properly staged homes, suggested I put my talent to use and try staging properties.  If I helped sellers ‘style’ their home before putting it on the market, it could be a win/win….right?

As it goes …staging homes that clients live in, leads to staging homes that clients leave vacant.  Within 1 year of starting my ‘side business to make a little extra cash’ I was having to shimmy my way from my front door to my kitchen squeezing past all the furniture I had begun to stock pile for vacant homes.  Sofas stacked on top of sofas, end tables, coffee tables, beds …decor …everywhere!!!

There the furniture sat.  For a year.  Because I didn’t know that along with becoming a home stager (or entrepreneur of any kind) you are also signing up to be in the business of marketing.  Whaaa?!

This was the moment I became best friends with Pinterest.  I began hoarding decorating ideas, marketing strategies, and DIY projects to secure a constant flow of original and creative pieces for my client’s homes.

Next thing I knew, all my furniture was tied up in vacant homes and I was getting requests for more jobs, oh my!  I needed more furniture!  This is both a terrifying and insanely exciting moment for a home decor shopaholic.

May 2016, 6 months after my best friend (my mom) passed away, I quit my day job as an accountant and began to follow in my mother’s footsteps as a home stylist full-time.  She was a professional interior designer and my most dedicated follower.

Join me here for all the unexpected turns that have led to the discovery of untapped skills, personal challenges, and unforgettable learning experiences all in the face of interior design and a life of lovely chaos.


*** Interested in Home Staging Services in the Charlotte Metro Area?  Visit my website  We’d love to help!!





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